for fun and profit

Posted by anton
on Thursday, September 27, 2007

if you enjoyed everyone’s favorite upside-down-ternet way of making new friends, this whimsical bit is right up your alley.

it is based on cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attack.

briefly, these are the attacks that trick you into submitting a potentially damaging request to the application you are logged in to. so if you receive an email with a link to, which you press, it will set your google language preferences to irish.

thus you could try to impress those inquisitive souls looking for things on your site with the following apache config directive:

RedirectMatch \.(php|phtml|phps|php3)$

therefore any request to a booby-trapped url on your site (in this case anything that ends in php) would set their google search language to klingon.

(stolen from here)

of course, it does not have to be an explicit server-side redirect – similar behavior can be triggered with javascript, iframes, etc.

how do you protect from it? the app has to use unique tokens in the form presented to the user (or one can start lugging around those encrypted URLs again – anyone remembers IBM’s Net.Commerce?)

since i am (somewhat reluctantly and half-asleep) reading gibson’s latest, and since these days i mostly appreciate him for sensing the zeitgeist and popularizing new art forms, i cannot shake off the feeling that there is an art piece lurking in here.