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Posted by anton
on Sunday, October 02, 2005

after about 4+ years of personal blogging, and 3 years of blog-like posts about music, i feel that it is necessary to create a medium for my tech posts, disconnected from my other online personalities.

a lot of the stuff that I want to place here would be notes to myself, resources, quick memory crutches, as well as rants and raves about the stuff I work on at the moment. hopefully this will not deteriorate into the incessant stream of faceless links or obscure one-off notes.

this is the stuff I like, this is the stuff I do as a hobby and for living. this blog is primarily for my own benefit, since writing for me is the best way of exploring a topic; at the same time over the years I realized that others' attention is the strongest motivator for continuing to write. unfortunately this very attention becomes a stifling force over time (at least with personal blogging) - one becomes cautious, aware of the readers' watchful gaze.

job hunting is another selfish motivation - it is so hard to judge someone based on a resume, and hopefully I can be open and confident enough to have this blog serve as a professional representation.

all the usual disclaimers apply - everything here is my opinion only and does not in any way reflect the opinions of any of my employers (past and present).


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